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Recognizing Those Who Made A Difference

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The Silver Medal

The Silver Medal Award, first granted locally in 1962, is part of the American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal program and recognizes men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence, and responsibility in areas of social concern.


The Chairman or the previous recipient will present the Silver Medal at the ADDY award ceremony, which generally occurs in February of each year.

Anyone can make nominations for this award by submitting information based on the following criteria to the Silver Medal Committee Chair or they may request a nomination form from the AAF-H office.

At least 60 days prior to the AAF-Houston ADDY Awards, the chairman shall propose to the Board at least 5 and no more than 7 AAF-Houston members (designating one as Chairman) to serve as the Silver Medal Selection Committee.  The committee will be comprised of the most recent Silver Medal recipient, the current chairman and individuals who did not serve on the committee in the prior year.  Committee members are ineligible to receive the Silver Medal during the year in which they serve.

The Silver Medal winner will be considered a matter of highest confidentiality, with disclosure limited to the selection committee and those directly involved with producing the award and presentation.

AAF-Houston will honor the award design and criteria determined by AAF.

The Silver Medal Award is based on five areas of consideration:

  • Contributions to the recipient’s own company – success achieved in one of the following areas of work – advertising agency, advertiser, media, or advertising service company.
  • Creative ability – a consistent, high degree of creative, original thinking in whatever phase of advertising the nominee has worked.
  • Contributions to the general advancement of advertising – efforts to increase the stature and raise the standards of the advertising profession.
  • Contributions to the community – activity in civic, religious or other groups dedicated to some phase of human or social welfare.
  • Contributions to the AAF-Houston.
Mike Albrecht2022
Suzie “Z” Jennings2021
Brenda Love2020
Allen Brivic2019
Larry Kelley2018
Lee Wheat2017
Audrey Gilbreath2016
Jim Walker2015
Susan Saurage-Altenloh2014
Leo De Leon2013
Locke Bryan2012
Lou Congelio2011
Brett Elliott*2010
N. Don Brown2009
Robert J. Culpepper Jr.2008
Dick Smith2007
Cliff Gillock2006
Alex Lopez Negrete2005
Ann C. Iverson2004
Lyle Metzdorf*2003
Larry J. Sachnowitz*2002
Bill Fogarty and Rich Klein*2001
Jackie Dryden2000
Chuck Carlberg1999
Dwight Douthit*1998
Charles H. Lewis*1997
Stephen Rogers*1996
Michael B. O’Neill*1995
June Cerrato1994
Scott Black1993
Anna Jane Wingfield1992
Dick Penny*1991
Steve Speier1990
Earl Littman1989
Jay Hagins1988
Julie Ray1987
Harry Rogers*1986
Marshall Pengra*1985
Donald Lamm1984
Ben A. Baldwin, Jr.*1983
Fred J. Korge*1982
Jack B. Zilker1981
David B. Keith*1980
Alice B. Rogers*1979
Dickie Rosenfeld*1978
John Paul Goodwin*1977
Luke Kaiser*1976
Jean Wm. Brown*1975
Richard J. V. Johnson*1974
Weldon Weekley*1973
Alec Chesser*1972
Willard Walbridge*1971
Robert M. Gray*1968
Robert W. Dundas, Sr.*1967
Joe Wilkinson*1966
David G.Ritchie*1965
Melvin S. Hattwick*1964
D.A. Heard*1963
A.B. Penny*1962

* Deceased

Honorary Life Members

Honorary life members of AAF-Houston shall be members who have contributed significantly to the industry or AAF-Houston’s welfare and progress.  Memberships are generally awarded in June and may be bestowed by a majority vote of the Board and will be for life.  Honorary Life Members are not required to pay dues (payment for lunches, tables, tickets, etc. is still required).

Honorary Life Membership Awards are generally granted at AAF-Houston’s annual luncheon meeting in June of each year.

Any AAF-Houston member or the AAF-Houston Chairman can make a nomination for this award by April 1st of each year and selection, if any, will be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Awarded to AAF-Houston members who have made significant contributions to the advertising industry or to AAF-Houston’s welfare and progress.

Donna BakerArt Bower*
Don BrownJean William Brown*
June CerratoVera Coffin*
Bill CourtneyBob Culpepper*
Dwight Douthit*Jackie Dryden
Robert W. Dundas, Sr.*Bill Fogarty
Joe FournetMacon Freeman
Sabra Gill*Cliff Gillock
Ruth McLain Graham*Tammy Guest
Jay HaginsD.A. Heard*
Oveta Culp Hobby*Richard J.V. Johnson*
David B. Keith*Fred Korge*
Don LammCharles H. Lewis*
Earl LittmanEllie Malavis
Anne Mrok-SmithCarl Murray
Covey Nash*Michael B. O’Neill*
Tracey PraterMarshall Pengra*
Alice B. Rogers*Rev. Dave C. Rogers, Jr.
Stephen Rogers*Harry Rogers*
Connie SenterDick Smith
Donna SullivanWilliam H. Tipton, Jr.
Weldon Weekley*Bil West*
Jack Zilker*

* Deceased

Living Legends

The Living Legend Award recognizes the accomplishments of members who have exerted continuous efforts throughout their careers in Advertising and Marketing.  The award is presented to those unique individuals who have achieved a high level of success over the course of their profession.  The award is generally granted in the month of June. The award is conferred after nomination by the Presidents Council and approval of the Board of Directors.

Honorary Life Membership Awards are generally granted at AAF-Houston ’s annual luncheon meeting in June of each year.

The award is conferred after nomination by the Presidents Council and approval of the Board of Directors.

The Living Legend Award is granted to individuals who have achieved a high level of success through their career in the advertising and marketing field.

Jean William Brown*Camille Bryan
Chuck CarlbergJune Cerrato
Bob Culpepper*Dwight Douthit*
Jackie DrydenBill Fogarty
Audrey GilbreathCliff Gillock
Jay HaginsRichard J.V. Johnson*
Dave Keith*Rich Klein*
Fred Korge*Don Lamm
Alex Lopez NegreteCharles Lewis*
Earl LittmanMichael B. O’Neill*
Harry Rogers*Dick Smith
Jack Valenti*Jim Walker
Weldon Weekley*

* Deceased

Distinguished Service Members

Distinguished service members shall be persons who have been active or educational members for at least ten (10) years and who have made continuing and significant contributions to the welfare and progress of AAF-Houston.  Membership is for life, is generally awarded in the month of June and will be conferred after nomination and approval by the Board.  Distinguished service members are not required to pay dues (payment for lunches, tables, tickets, etc. is still required).

Distinguished Service Memberships are generally granted at AAF-Houston’s annual luncheon meeting in June of each year.

The membership is conferred after nomination by and approval of the AAF-Houston Board of Directors.

The Distinguished Service Membership is based on the following areas of consideration:

  • Recipients must have been active or educational members for at least ten (10) years;
  • Have made continuing and significant contributions to the welfare and progress of the AAF-Houston;
Michael AlbrechtAllen Brivic
Leo DeLeonDwight Douthit*
Tammy GuestJay Hagins
Leslie T. Hunt*Ann Iverson
Larry KelleyRich Klein*
Rich Klein*Charles H. Lewis*
Norm PegramTracy Prater
Alice B. Rogers*Ray Schilens
Bess Scott*Connie Senter
Jim WalkerLee Wheat

* Deceased

Spirit of AAF-Houston

Spirit of AAF-Houston recipients shall be members who have contributed significantly to The AAF-Houston’s success. This award, generally awarded in June of each year at the discretion of the AAF-Houston Chairman, which represents the effort expended during that fiscal year, recognizes individuals who have worked on a particular event or committee in a selfless manner. The award will be conferred after selection by the AAF-Houston Chairman.

The Spirit of AAF-Houston Awards are generally granted at AAF-Houston’s annual luncheon meeting in June of each year.

The Spirit of AAF-Houston Award will be conferred after selection by the AAF-Houston Chairman.  The award is granted solely at the discretion of the AAF-Houston Chairman.

The Spirit of AAF-Houston Award is based on the following areas of consideration:

  • Recipients must have contributed significantly to AAF-Houston’s success during the current fiscal year;
  • Have worked on a particular event or committee in a selfless manner
Joni Verdina2022
Candy Pittman2022
John Del Tatto2021
Kelley Robinson2020
Guido Falconi2019
Kay Krenek2019
Dylan Moore2019
Mimi Boneta2018
Gabriel Flores2018
Alex Garcia2018
Bill Powell2018
Norm Pegram2018
Tammy Guest2017
William A. Sexton2017
Joni Verdina2017
Bob Vance2017
Pamela Willhelm Kehoe2017
Josh Okun2017
Dave Henry2047
Ashley Rundall2017
Candy Pittman2016
Debbie Thompson2015
Marissa Deslatte2014
Anne Mrok-Smith2013
Jennifer Carter2013
Troy Burwell2012
Nicole Fellers2011
Nicole Fellers2010
Rich Klein*2010
Larry Kelley2010
Bill Courtney2008
Troy Burwell2007
Rebecca Castillo2007
Natalie Gonzalez2007
Dave Henry2007
Jay Janecek2007
Bill* and Sharon Young2006
John Sturtevant2005
Tracy Prater2004
Tad Grow2004
Sherri Suhr2003
Cynthia Wenz2002
Lynne Glaros2001
Patty Millspaugh-Meador2000
June Cerrato2000
Laura Stokes1999
Jerry Kerr1998
Nelle Spates1998
Brett Elliott*1997
Jackie Dryden1996
Bob Culpepper*1995
Janet Goforth1994
Wm. Scott Black1991
Dwight Douthit*1991

* Deceased

Trailblazer Award

Established in 1997 by the AAF-Houston, the Trailblazer Award recognizes business leaders who have built Houston companies through effective advertising, sound marketing and corporate citizenship. In so doing, these “Trailblazers” have not only enhanced their companies’ images, but that of the city of Houston as well through their marketing.

Generally awarded in the fall of each year, The Trailblazer Award is given to an outstanding business professional in Houston who embodies the importance of marketing, its role in the success of business in our community and in building Houston’s image.  In recognizing these outstanding Trailblazers, the AAF-Houston seeks honorees who exemplifies the “Made In Houston” spirit and who underscores the strong partnership between the advertising and business communities.

The Trailblazer Award is presented at the annual Made in Houston Gala. The event honors a leading individual who personifies the spirit of the Trailblazer and celebrates that person’s energy, ingenuity, and vision. The evening brings together an audience of our city’s influential media, business, and advertising professionals. It is also a showcase for the remarkable creative talent found right here in Houston.

Ultimately, the Made in Houston Gala is about what we think of our hometown and what the world thinks of Houston. It is about the business and advertising communities working together to enhance our city’s image.

The Made In Houston Gala is an opportunity to highlight the exceptional advertising and marketing expertise that is available in Houston.  The design work, photography, videography and cinematography manifested in the award’s event are all evidence of the remarkable talent found right here in Houston.

Through exceptional advertising produced by local talent, many businesses have helped create and enhance a positive image of the city of Houston.  The Trailblazer recipient and Gala affair exemplify this “Made In Houston” spirit and the important partnership between the advertising and business communities.

The AAF-Houston is the city’s preeminent advertising and marketing communications organization. Founded in 1911, it is one of the oldest professional service clubs in Houston. The promotion of education and excellence in our industry is at the core of the AAF-Houston ‘s mission. The gala is an AAF-Houston fund-raising activity that has always focused on education. Proceeds from the Made in Houston Gala, including a silent auction, help fund scholarships and educational activities for aspiring young advertising and marketing professionals in Houston. 

The AAF-Houston is proud to honor local business leaders who have demonstrated a true spirit of innovation in marketing and advertising at the Made In Houston Gala. The Trailblazer Award recognizes an influential business leader for enhancing the overall image of Houston through marketing.  The Trailblazer honoree is typically presented to the community at a black-tie gala in early fall incorporating audiovisual presentations, auctions, live entertainment and an audience of influential media, business and advertising professionals.

The Trailblazer Selection Committee will include the following committee members chaired by a Representative of the AAF-Houston Presidents Council:

  • All Previous Trailblazer Recipients
  • AAF-Houston Chairman
  • AAF-Houston President
  • AAF-Houston Presidents Council Chair or representative
  • Current Gala Chair

Three at-large AAF-Houston members appointed by the gala chair  The committee shall meet in person one or more times during the first quarter of each year, and select by private and individual vote, the Trailblazer recipient for the following year by April 10th.  There must be five qualified committee members present at the final selection meeting.  Notification of the selection should be made in person by one of the previous recipients, the AAF-Houston Chairman, the AAF-Houston President and the gala chair as soon as possible.

Trailblazer candidate must be a person who embodies the following characteristics:

  • Leader of a Houston organization.
  • Successfully used marketing to promote their own business or enterprise.
  • Successfully used marketing to enhance the image of the city of Houston.
  • Has demonstrated a positive involvement in community or charitable activities.
  • Has helped promote and use the talents of Houston’s advertising and marketing community.
Paul HobbyTexas Monthly2019
Ed WulfeWulfe & Co.2017
Ric CampoCamden Properties2016
Stacey GillmanGillman Auto Group2015
Dan WoltermanMemorial Hermann2014
Welcome W. Wilson Sr.Welcome Group2013
Martha TurnerMartha Turner Properties2012
Leroy ShaferHouston Livestock Show and Rodeo2011
Leslie L. AlexanderHouston Rockets2009
Walter JohnsonAmegy Bank2008
George DeMontrond, IIIDeMontrond Automotive Group2007
Scott McClellandHEB2006
Tilman FertittaLandry’s Restaurants2005
John L. Nau IIIPresident & CEO, Silver Eagle Distributor2004
Jim McIngvalePresident, Gallery Furniture2003
Bob McNairPresident, Houston Texans2002
Richard J.V. JohnsonRetired Publisher, Houston Chronicle2001
Don D. JordanRetired Chairman, Reliant Energy2000
Drayton McLanePresident, Houston Astros1999
Randall Onstead, Jr.Former CEO, Randall’s Food Stores1998
Gordon BethuneChairman, Continental Airlines1997

* Deceased

What our members say
about AAF-Houston

  • A common trait among those who receive special recognition from AAF-H is generosity of time when they have so little to give. Their level of engagement is fueled by passion for their craft, their peers, and their community.

    Lee Wheat
    Whole Wheat Creative
    AAF-Houston Past President
    Silver Medal Recipient & Distinguished Service Member