Job Summary

Satori is leaving no stone unturned to find a prolific, first-rate, magnificent, exceptional, inconceivably imaginative Mid-Level Copywriter (who knows how to not overuse a thesaurus like we just did!) to join our team of anti-agency-agency renegades. Do you fancy yourself a poet or future bestselling author? Hey, good for you! But that’s not what we need.

We may operate differently than other agencies, but our clients still need copy that SELLS, so your writing must be engaging and compelling, and it must incite action. That can mean different things for different clients. One day you may be writing a cocktail recipe for a bar, and the next day a spec sheet for a construction company. Or, heck, you might be writing both on the same day. The point is that you must be able to shift from client to client, topic to topic, deliverable to deliverable – sometimes several times a day – and still maintain the same level of finesse and clarity.

Possibly even as important as being able to write well, you need to have the relatively rare talent of essentially becoming the client, so you can write in their voice and sound as though the copy has been crafted by an expert in their field. Because, as a copywriter, you must present the client’s brand as if it’s your own. Your voice doesn’t matter; only the client’s does. And you must be able to speak to the target audience on their level. You may have to translate engineer speak into something a regular person can easily understand or channel your inner child to write an activity book.

You’ll be working with our Content Director and the entire Creative Team from start to finish on projects, so you should also be comfortable with concepting and collaborating. That means you need to not get salty when someone isn’t keen on your ideas, or when someone other than a writer comes up with a good headline. One of the Satori core values is “F*ck your ego,” so it’s not that you aren’t AMAZING (because if we ask you to join our team, you absolutely ARE). It’s just that at the end of the day, the best idea wins. And we believe greatness can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Please Note:
This position requires around-the-clock flexibility. Sometimes, you’ll be working (or need to be available) before or after hours, on weekends, holidays, etc. – and often on short notice. This includes responding to emails, texts and/or phone calls.
That’s agency life, baby!


Contact Information

Satori Marketing
Lisa McCabe
(928) 201-4293