Job Summary

Do you know the names of every popular TikToker and influencer? Has your phone become a permanent extension of your arm? Do you want to turn your potentially unhealthy obsession with social media into a much healthier career? You could be the Social Media Coordinator we’ve been searching for.
At its core, social media is a tool for communication. And at the core of a great social media coordinator is the ability to communicate a brand message in a compelling way that grabs the audience’s attention among a veritable stratosphere of other posts.
So, as Satori’s Social Media Coordinator, you’ll be counted on to develop original, fresh and engaging content that maintains a strong online presence for our brand and the brands of our clients. We need someone who’s so in tune with the latest and emerging platforms and trends – and what works and doesn’t work – that they generate new content ideas in their sleep (and hopefully remember them after they wake up).
Since this is an agency setting, you also need to be a multi-tasker who can switch gears at a moment’s notice. One second, we may need a post about Satori winning an industry award (woo-hoo!), and the next second our client may need a post to announce breaking news. Much like the next TikTok trend, you just never know what to expect!



Contact Information

Satori Marketing
Lisa McCabe
(928) 201-4293