AAF-H Goals

  • Promoting activities that advance advertising;
  • Fostering improvement of advertising performance and ethics and cooperating with governmental and other agencies so that such standards may be achieved by self-regulation;
  • Expanding the recognition of the economic and social value of advertising as an industry;
  • Developing technical proficiency and abilities in those interested in the art of advertising through scholarships, grants and endowments;
  • Cooperating with government offices and representing the industry’s positions before legislative and administrative bodies.

Our Commitment

As the only professional advertising association that binds the mutual interests of corporate advertisers, agencies, media companies, suppliers and academia, the AAF is the “Unifying Voice for Advertising.” Its members share a commitment to make advertising a more positive force in America’s economy and culture. They’re not only advocates for the rights of advertisers, but they help educate government, policymakers, the news media and the general public on the value that advertising brings to the well-being of the nation. AAF also cultivates the advertising industry’s present and future leaders.

We take an active role in the community both locally and through its affiliation with the American Advertising Federation, a 50,000 member national association of advertising professionals. Through educational programs and seminars, student conferences, and public service projects, the AAF-H is committed to professional development throughout the industry and promotes a better understanding of advertising in the community.

Non-Profit 501(C)(6)

The American Advertising Federation - Houston, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(6) organization, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service and was originally incorporated in Texas as Houston Advertising Club, Inc.