Board of Directors

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Our Board and Committees are made up of a group of dedicated volunteers who’s backgrounds are as varied as our membership. Board members are elected for two-year terms and officers are elected or appointed for one-year terms. Nominations are made in February and Elections are held in the Spring with the new board taking office at the beginning of our calendar year, July 1. We are always looking to involve new people. Consider serving on the Board of Directors. Start by shooting us a quick e-mail.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Ray Schilens

Radio Lounge USA

Valentina Gomez Bravo

Chair Elect
Bunker +58 Branding & Design Studio

Dylan Moore

Vice Chair
Dylan Moore Marketing Design

Candace Daniels

Pink Lemonade Labs

Joni Verdina

Ad Impressions Inc.

Michael Albrecht

AAF-H President’s Council Chairman
Marketing Strategist and Consultant

Kay Krenek

Immediate Past Chair
Kay Krenek Creative

Guido Falconi

Ad 2 Houston President
The Urban Flower Company

Brian Bearden

Board Member
Upstream Marketing

John Del Tatto

Board Member
ThruPut Marketing

Patrick Lopez Negrete

Board Member
Lopez Negrete Communications

Alfred Martinez

Board Member
Go-On Group Houston

Alberto Morales

Board Member
Clear Channel Outdoor

Kate Nilsen

Board Member
Blue Sky Marketing

Kelley Robinson

Board Member
Brivic Media, Inc.

Sonny Villarreal III

Board Member
Motiva Enterprises

Alvin Wright

Board Member
Alvin Wright Communications

Robyn Wright-Harris

Board Member
Gilbreath Communications

Non-Voting Board Liaisons

Joe Fournet, Club Achievement Liaison

Tammy Guest, Student Conference Liaison

Jay Hagins, District & National AAF Liaison

Larry Kelley, Education Liaison

It is with respect and gratitude that we recognize those members who stepped up to lead our organization.

Kay Krenek 2020
John Manlove 2019
Joe Cesaratto 2018
Anne Mrok-Smith 2016-17
Tammy Guest 2015
Troy Burwell 2014
Lee Wheat 2013
Camille Bryan 2012
Alex Lopez Negrete 2011
Tami Weitkunat 2010
Natalie Gonzalez 2009
Dave Henry 2008
Jay Janecek 2007
Lou Congelio 2006
Steve Danowski 2005
Nancy Vaeth DuBroff 2004
Robert N. Livermore 2003
Susan Saurage-Altenloh 2002
Michael Albrecht 2001
Bill Courtney 2000
Donna Baker 1999
Audrey Gilbreath 1998
Leo De Leon 1997
Laura Manning Stokes 1996
Larry J. Sachnowitz 1995
Jackie Dryden 1994
Cliff Gillock 1993
Stephen P. Rogers 1992
Page Haines 1991
Robert J. Culpepper, Jr. 1990
Dave Ryan 1989
Janet Goforth 1988
Wm. Scott Black 1987
Don Brown 1986
David A. Pyle 1985
Ann C. Iverson 1984
Stephen S. Speier 1983
June Cerrato 1982
Charles Lutz 1981
Jay Hagins 1980
Connie Reid Haywood 1979
Ben A. Baldwin, Jr. 1978
Mary Gordon Treanor 1977
Michael B. O'Neill 1976
Arthur M. Bower 1975
Harry Rogers 1974
Fred J. Korge 1973
Robert W. Dundas, Jr. 1972
Covey Nash 1971
Charles L. King, Jr. 1970
Travis E. Parish 1969
James W. Gerrard 1968
David B. Keith 1967
Charles H. Lewis 1966
Arthur T. Spohn 1965
Charles A. Bryant 1964
Jean Wm. Brown 1963
Macon Freeman 1962
Weldon Weekley 1961
Alec Chesser 1960
Melvin Hattwick 1959
S. K. Britt 1958
Leslie T. Hunt 1957
John D. Carpenter 1956
John D. Carpenter 1955
D. A. Heard 1954
Jack Valenti 1953
Jack Penn 1952
Jack Shannon 1951
Frank Moore 1950
Carl Murray 1949
W. H. "Bill" Tipton, Jr. 1948
W. H. "Bill" Tipton, Jr. 1947
A. B. Penny 1946
Ed Carmichal 1945
Dale Rogers, Jr. 1944
E. E. Rominger 1943
W. R. "Dick" Laughlin 1942
Robert W. Dundas, Sr. 1941
J. H. "Hank" Grant 1940
J. H. "Hank" Grant 1939
Robert W. Dundas, Sr. 1938
C. F. Mixon 1937
David Ritchie 1936
Michael Murphy 1935
Ray L. Powers 1934
Malory McDonald 1933
H. C. "Pete" Fiester 1932
George B. Forristall 1931
Joe Fox & E. C. Berthold 1930
A. M. Cohen 1929
Ray Goddard 1928
Wirt Steel 1927
Joe H. Fierstein 1926
W. S. "Bill" Patton 1925
Harry Howard 1924
Dale Rogers 1923
P. L. "Pete" Michael & George B. Forristall 1922
John B. Westover 1921
Herbert C. May 1920
N. O. Schexnayder 1919
J. D. Mason 1918
Leon Armer 1917
Herbert C. May 1916
Herbert C. May 1915
E. E. Letchworth 1914
George H. McCormick 1913
John B. Westover 1912
Oscar Wells 1911

What our members say
about AAF-Houston

  • My involvement in the national AAF organization is rooted in our membership in AAF-Houston. The opportunities to enrich careers, bolster knowledge, and enhance exposure and connectivity to our peers, colleagues and industry partners are truly endless. The best investment for us since 1985 has been our commitment to and involvement with AAF-Houston.

    Alex López Negrete
    Lopez Negrete Communications
    Past Chair of AAF-Houston
    National ADDY Winner and AAF Mosaic Award Winner